GROOM YOUR PET LIKE A PROFESSIONAL GROOMING SERVICE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME Removing loose fur, skin flakes, dirt and undercoat that trigger itching, allergies and skin impurities has never been easier! The Pet Hair Remover Brush gently glides through the pet’s fur and imitates the petting motion of your hand to calm and relax your furry friend during combing. THE ULTIMATE DOUBLE-SIDED FUR CARE COMB Due to the three closely spaced combs, up to 80% more loose fur and undercoat is removed compared to conventional coat brushes, without tearing out the healthy hairs. The scratch-proof de-shedding teeth stimulate blood circulation and remove all dry skin flakes to reduce itching of the skin flora and to promote a silky, shiny coat. The rubberized massaging nubs on the back side ensure that no loose fur remains behind, to stop your pet from shedding all over your living area. EFFORTLESS COMBING AND CLEANING Due to the compact size and by perfectly adjusting the height of the de-shedding teeth to your pets needs, the Pet Hair Remover Brush can be used for cats and dogs of all sizes – whether large, small, long or short haired. The de-shedding teeth can be fully retracted to effortlessly strip loose hair from the Pet Hair Remover Brush , to make grooming as fast and easy as possible.